What Foods You Should Avoid If You Want A Flat Belly

It is not easy belly us look flat, although this is a sign of good health. It turns out that many otherwise nutritious foods cause its swelling, writes Daily Express.

Specialists explain that is not good for those who have stomach problems often consume milk and apples.

British nutritsionistka Rhiannan Lambert said: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

However, she adds that because of its rich content of sugars and fiber, useful fruit can cause bloating and stomach gas.

“Junk food”

It is well known that the so. Called. “Junk food” has a low nutritional and health value. It is this food is among the causes unpleasant stomach sensations. There are many chemicals that cause even inflammation, experts remind.


Another culprit of bloating is onions, although it is used in small quantities. The reason is it contains fructans – soluble fiber that cause discomfort in individuals with intolerance to them.Especially careful we must be when consumed raw.


Salt causes fluid retention in the body.

Carbonated drinks

Sodas also cause stomach discomfort, as contained therein gas is “captured” in the body. One of the biggest “carbonated culprits” bloated stomach is beer, the composition of which includes fermentable carbohydrates such as barley and wheat.


Cereal is popular among causes of abdominal bloating, especially for people suffering from gluten intolerance.

Dairy products

More than 65 percent of the global population lacks the enzyme to break down lactose. This means that the lactose in the stomach pass to the colon, where it forms often painful gases.


Abundant fiber products, in particular lens, which is among the richest in fiber foods contribute to the formation of large amounts of gases.

Source: www.healthysolo.com