These 3 Things Make You More Prone To Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes are probably the most annoying insects on the planet. During the summer it seems like they are everywhere and they may even ruin your perfect summer vacation.

I believe that there is not a single person who has never been bitten by a mosquito. Even though we all have experienced the itchiness that remains from the mosquito bite, some of us get bitten much more frequently than others. The risk of being bitten by a mosquito can be increased due to certain conditions and factors.

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to avoid some of these conditions; however there are ways to control them in order to keep the pesky mosquitoes away.

These pests are attracted by the odor your body releases. The bacteria present in your body gives off a particular odor through your skin that mosquitos find very appealing.

These are the three most common reasons why mosquitos bite you so often:

  • Blood type

According to studies, people with blood type 0 are 83% more likely to be bitten by a mosquito. This is bad news for people who have this blood type and excellent for those who don’t.

  • Drinking alcohol

Mosquitoes are especially attracted to the sweat from your body after you drink alcohol. Scientists have performed an experiment which showed that after drinking 3 beers you are 30% more likely to get stung.

  • Exercise

During exercise your body temperature gets significantly increased and maintains lots of heat which attracts the mosquitoes. To avoid mosquito bites while exercising outdoors apply some lotion.

To avoid the appearance of these insects avoid keeping stagnant water in containers, pots and vases. It is also very important to pay attention to the hygiene of your home and workplace. Another way of preventing bites and stings is to apply insect repellent.

However, if the mosquitoes still manage to sting you it is important to know that you must NEVER scratch the bites in order to avoid infections and more severe health conditions.