5 Kidney damage symptoms you probably ignore !

If you see your kidney damage early you will take care of your problem easily.

We will tell you about the early signs about kidney damage that you ignore.Kidneys are important vital organ and are in charge for the urine disposal. When your kidneys don’t work as they should your body has toxins that are the problem.

Lower Back Pain
If you have this pain very often or have discomfort this is a very common sign of kidney disease.

The pain may start one side or both sides at the same time, but if it doesn’t get treated it will end up affecting both sides within in little time.

For most people this discomfort goes away when urinating.

Urination Patterns
Other sign is the change in the urine like it’s color, smell and sometimes it’s even painful for you when you pee.

Urine may suddenly become foamy or it may become painful to urinate.

If you experience any of these symptoms or discover blood in your pee, it is important to consult a professional immediately.

When your urinary pattern is changing this is usually from small kidney problems.

Once the kidney stops working correctly and stops getting rid of waste from the body it may cause swelling.

You can see swelling in the feet, hands, ankle, and hands, when it’s not working properly, in worst condition swelling, can affect the heart and lungs as well.

Skin Problems
When kidneys are not working properly it allows the toxins to build up in the body and usually are shown on the skin, making it dry, creating rashes and itching.

There are many creams, prescriptions, and natural remedies that will stop the effects but that jut causing you to avoid the main cause of this occurring.

Oxygen Failure
One of the vital functions of the kidneys is to produce erythropoietin which is important for the production oxygen-carrying red blood cells.

When the body is missing red blood cells it tends to be the result of iron deficiency and anemia.

When iron levels are low a person constantly feels cold in a warm environment feel very weak and tired.

Oxygen plays many major roles in the human body and when it is not properly transported through the various systems they all suffer.

How To Improve Kidney Health

  • Avoid Cadmium
  • Do Not Smoke
  • Drink Plenty of Healthy Fluids
  • Engage in Daily Physical Activity
  • Drink Cranberry Juice