5 ways to detect bad breath

If we trust statistics, 25-30% of people suffer from bad breath.

What is most important in the whole situation is to be aware of the problem, to be able to resolve it further.

These are 5 effective ways to help you detect whether you are suffering from bad breath:

1. Push the inner part under your palm

Do this with the middle part of the tongue, where the most bacteria are collected. Wait 5-10 seconds and then smell. If you do not like the smell, it means that you need to fix this problem sooner.


2. Pass the finger language

This is a more effective method than the previous one and you should do it in the middle of the language. Then wait until the saliva is dry, so check the smell. Do not forget that hands must be clean.


3. Breathe in a clean cup

Take a deep breath and exhale into the glass, which will be glued to the mouth. Then inhale through the nose.


4. Clean the tongue with a spoon

Take a clean spoon and sweep it slightly over the surface of the tongue. Note if there are dark or bright deposits. As much as the stains are darker – the smell and hygiene in the mouth are the worse.


5. Check with gauze

Put a small piece of gauze in your tongue. It will receive the identical odor, depending on the deposits you have in your tongue.


What to do to improve the situation?

Regular and thorough hygiene of the teeth. Do not forget to brush your tongue, as well as clean your teeth with a thread at least once a day.


Check the layers of the tongue in the mirror. They must never be dark and settled down.


Ask a close friend if he thinks you have a real problem with a bad breath.


Watch what you eat. Always chew gum when you bite something pungent, spicy or sweet.


Source: www.organicfoodlove.com