6 signs that the body is dehydrated !

When the body is severely dehydrated, we may suffer from blood clots and even seizures. Mild levels of dehydration may reduce the levels of energy. So we need to know the early signs that issue of water scarcity in the body. We offer some basic symptoms …

1. Thirst

Strong thirst among the most visible and recognizable signs of dehydration. This is the way your body to tell us that we lack water.

2. Dry skin

In case of dehydration, not enough blood volume and the skin looks like scorched. If you suffer from dry skin and itching, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

3. Bad Breath

Dehydration is a cause of reduced saliva production. Insufficient saliva in the mouth leads to increased bacterial growth and therefore to bad breath.

4. Urinate less frequently

Dehydrated body does not feel the need to urinate frequently. Regarding the urine should be monitored and its color like orange and dark yellow is a sign of dehydration. When an adequate amount of water your urine should be pale yellow and clear.

5. Dizziness

We may experience slight dizziness when we are dehydrated. This is a consequence of the reduced levels of energy, because of a shortage of liquid.

6. Constipation

It is also among the usual signs of dehydration. Lack of water can interfere with the regulation of processes related to defecation, leading to constipation.

Source: www.healthysolo.com