Always Sick and Weak? Up the Defense and Eliminate Anemia with This Powerful Drink

If we want to have a healthy body and lifestyle we need to maintain the healthy diet and the way we live in order to keep our immune system good , and this drink is very beneficial for your overall heath so you need to try it. This is a shake to eliminate anemia and to rise the defense and up next we will show you how to make it.

Look at continaución how to elaborate this super smoothie to increase the defenses.

Shake to increase defenses and eliminate anemia

Many times, when our defenses are low, we tend to get tired, feel tired, in a bad mood, with little concentration, dizziness and headache. This is almost always due to poor diet and a too-hectic pace of life, something that is almost impossible to avoid today.

Today we will teach you how to eliminate all these ailments, with only the consumption of a natural smoothie.

It is a preparation full of ingredients rich in vitamins and nutrients, which will help to keep your body in the best conditions at every moment of the day. This shake to increase defenses and eliminate anemia, will make your performance and mood optimize.

See how to prepare this shake to increase the defenses , it is very simple.


-1/2 apple
-2 cloves garlic
-2 carrots
-A handful of parsley
-1/2 lemon
-A handful of cilantro
-Half a piece of ginger.


1.Wash the ingredients very well and bring them all to the blender.
2.Blend until a homogeneous mixture
3.If the mixture becomes very thick, add a little pure water

Consume this powerful shake to increase defenses and eliminate anemia every day upon waking, and we assure you that day after day you will feel the remarkable change in your organism.