Most Amazing Lung Health Boosting Herbs You Didn’t Know About!

Improve health of your respiratory system to provide oxygen to every organ of your body with herbs and plants such as licorice root, coltsfoot, osha root etc.

We are living in the city environment that is becoming more and more polluted day by day. This polluted air cause different kind of disease in human respiratory system to weaken its working strength. This air pollution leads to various respiratory disorders including asthma, bronchitis, and lung cancer. Many antibiotics medicines are present in the market that helps to reduce damage to your respiratory system and specially lungs.

Your lung capacity is directly related to your vitality and cardiovascular health.  The stronger your lungs the more oxygen your body as readily available and the easier it is for the body to recover and do what it needs to do to stay healthy.

Lung capacity is either shrinking or expanding based on how you live your life.  If you live a very sedentary life your lungs are most likely shrinking, becoming weaker and less effective over time.  If you are exerting energy in high intensity sports, or interval training such as cross fit, you are pushing your body to the max and your lungs will expand because of this.

But as everyone knows that antibiotic drug also has many side effects that cause another problem in your body while healing one health issue. One alternative and very effective way to reduce bad effect of air pollution on our respiratory system is to use natural herbs. Herbs may work on long and continue consumption but it cures any health issue from its root and without any side effects. Many Ayurvedic medical stores have lung health boosting Herbal supplements in their stores that will reduce your time to find out various herbs in consumable form. So, daily consume various herbs and plants listed below to support boosting process of your lung’s health.

COLTSFOOTIt is one of the habitually used herbs by Native Americans and it work superiorly to strengthen the lungs. Coltsfoot helps to remove excess mucus from the lungs and bronchial tubes. Coltsfoot also soothes mucus membrane of lungs and helps in reducing the chances to having various lung diseases like asthma, coughs, bronchitis, and other lung ailments. It is advised to take coltsfoot in tincture form with water, juice or milk.

LICORICE ROOT: Licorice Root is a Chinese medicine that is widely used in various part of world to treat various lung related issues. It is vital herb that not only soothes and softens the mucus membrane but also cure any inflamed mucous membrane. Licorice also helps to reduce the irritation of soar throat and throw out phlegm from respiratory tract and clean it. This herb also blocks the free radical cells that cause inflammation and tightening of air ways. Licorice also put viral and bacterial diseases on bay by making immunity system strong.

OSHA ROOT: Osha root comes with the camphor and other special compounds that built strong immunity system and prevent you from having any respiratory health problem. It increases the blood circulation in lungs and makes it easy for anyone to take deep breaths. Even it protects you from seasonal sensitivities like cold and cough, asthma etc.

THYME: If one is having respiratory disorder of chest congestion, then thyme herb is best medicine for you to get relief. Thyme contains mane essential antiseptic oils that have properties to act as natural antibiotic and anti-fungal. Any person having viral or bacterial lung infection can treat lung disorder with daily intake of thyme tea. Thyme is also useful to treat respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia.

CANNABIS: Cannabis’s extracted cannabinoid essential oils help to soothe irritation of oral cavity that caused due to smoking. Besides soothing oral cavity, it also acts as anti-cancer plant that stimulates cannabinoid receptors. Essential oils of cannabis help to open up airwats and sinuses and has scientifically proven that it reverse the effect of asthma on regular uses.

OREGANOOregano offers many vitamins and nutrients that are required by immune system and also help to treat nasal congestion. Carvacrol and rosmarinic acid content of Oregano acts as a decongestantingredients and give good benefits to respiratory tract and nasal passage. Oregano also helps to reduce mucus and improveairflow. It is advised to have one bottle of organic oregano oil bottle in your home to treat seasonal respiratory infections without any antibiotics.

LOBELIAExtracts of lobelia known as lobeline and help to treat tumor cells in respiratory tract. It acquiresalkaloid – lobeline that thin out the mucus and reduce the congestion problem. Lobelia stimulates the adrenal glands and release epinephrine that in turn relax and smoothes airway tract muscles. Lobelia is used in many antibiotic medicines to cure lung infections. You can use it on daily basis to cure seasonal respiratory diseases naturally.

EUCALYPTUSRefreshing aroma of eucalyptus improves respiratory health and cure soar throat irritation. Vital compound cineole relaxes mucus membranes and strengthens the bronchitis. Eucalyptus also contains antioxidants that will support your immunity system and help you get quick relief from the viral cold and cough problems.

MULLEINMullein plant’s leaves and flowers both are useful as herbal medicine. It is beneficial to use mullein plant’s leave extract to clean bronchial tubes and inflammation in respiratory tract. Mullein tea made with decoction fromdried herb is best medicine to clean respiratory tract and resolve the problem of access mucus formation. Even any person can also take tincture form of this herb to cure any respiratory diseases.

LUNGWORT: Lungwort lichen quietly resembles as human lung tissue due to wavy structure of its leaves. It prevents the health issues related to respiratory tract such as congestion, bronchitis, asthma etc.

CHAPARRALA southwest native plant has got popularity for lung detoxification and vital support for respiration system. Chaparral’s antioxidants reduce throat irritation and help to inhibits aerobicandanaerobic glycolysis ofcancer cells. Tincture extraction of Chaparral is widely consumed to treat throat irritation and excess mucus production.

SAGE: Sage’s essential oils give you heady aroma and this aromatic herb is useful to treat almost every respiratory health issues. Best way to get benefits from these essential oils is to consume it decoction or tea form. Aroma of volatile oils thujone, camphor, terpene and salvene in tea form also help to treat sinusitis and other lung disorders. Or you can boil sage in water and inhale aromatic vapors of essential oils to cure irritated throat and nasal congestion.

PEPPERMINTPeppermint contains menthol which is soothing ingredient and known to calm down irritated mucus membranes. It also helps to breathe freely. Dried form of peppermint contains menthone, menthyl acetate, menthofuran and cineol. These all the volatile oils are useful to treat any fatal nasal congestion situation. Organic therapeutic chest balms are useful to apply on body while having cold and cough. It melts thick mucus and cleanse respiratory tract.

PLANTAIN LEAF: plantain produces fruit which mimic the shape of banana fruit. It is widely used from the ancient time to ease cough and irritating mucus membranes. Scientists have also proved that cough, cold, and lung irritation can be treated by plantain leaf completely.