Aspartame in Diet Soda May Cause Premature Death in Women

Over the course of 10 years, 60,000 women were studied in order to confirm the effects caused by aspartame on their organism. Diet sodas sweetened with aspartame are linked with a 50% rise in deaths and a 30% rise in heart attacks.

It sounds like drinking diet sodas is pretty bad for your overall health after all. Just because these sodas have fewer calories than regular ones, it does not mean they are actually good for your health.

What are companies doing about these findings?

In reality, as usual, the findings have been hidden by giving the masses a big fat false explanation on the subject why diet sodas are not the true cause of these risks and diseases.

They claim drinks are correlated with all of the mentioned risks. One article on CNBC said women who used to drink way too much diet sodas were actually only trying to cover all of their unhealthy habits. Regardless of what they claimed, there was not any kind of evidence that substantiated their words.

Remember, any kind of synthetic vitamins that correlate with increasing your mortality is automatically considered as a cause of death. Correlation should be constituted as a certain cause only when scientists say that it is.

Do you know that aspartame is considered a neurotoxin?

Scientists are not willing to explore all evidence that show how much death risk is caused by aspartame. They figure out that if they do not examine everything related to the substance, they cannot be held liable for any caused damage. People simply want to ignore all of the serious issues in hope that that will make the problems go away.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Women around the world continue to have problems linked to this neurotoxin. The reasons why so many human beings have 50% rises in their chance of dying are not caused by their lifestyle choice. As a matter of fact, it is caused by the diet sodas’ content. Women think they do something smart by limiting the amount of entered calories, when they actually are making the whole situation even worse.

Here is a fact which might gross you out: aspartame a compound made of bacteria feces which have been genetically modified. Now, we do not know about you, but eating bacteria feces is not at the top of our bucket list. It is not even a real sugar. It is chemical compound made inside of a laboratory. When aspartame is put into the diet soda, it breaks down and forms formaldehyde and methanol.

During digestion process, formaldehyde forms into a formic acid because it has been oxidized first. For those who are not aware, formic acid causes toxicity in mammals. This toxic chemical is ants’ weapons of choice. Does all this sound like it is something you would want to put inside your body? Most of us will quickly answer with “no“.

Can aspartame cause any kind of neurological problems?

Of course, people who are living in denial when it comes to seeing the truth about all side effects caused by aspartame will tell you that the compound is completely harmless. You have probably heard people who support GMO say the exact same thing. They do not feel like there is an issue with GMOs. Others do not feel there is a problem with mercury.

If this is the case then why is aspartame linked to headaches, neurological problems and blurred vision which occurs when consumers repeatedly drink diet sodas? Over 90 different side effects have been linked with aspartame consumption. Dizziness, memory loss, seizures, , insomnia vertigo, headaches, loss of taste, numbness, hearing loss, vision problems, depression, rashes, irritability and plenty of other diseases and health conditions have all been linked to this compound.

Drinking diet sodas will only give you a painful and slow death. Do not allow the neurotoxin make you sick anymore. Do something about it, even today. Change beverages you drink and foods you eat with something healthier. You owe it to your body and yourself to be alive for as long as you can.