Classic Signs Of A Heart Attack Of Women!

One of the most common symptoms when it comes to detecting the onset of a heart attack is undoubtedly the feeling of severe pain or tightness in the chest, discomfort that can spread to the left arm and back. When you feel these discomforts, do not hesitate to take action immediately, and alert a professional about what is happening to you. Beyond this, the symptoms of a pre-infarction vary greatly from men to women, and it is the latter who should be more careful in noticing them.

While it is true that a pre-infarct is not as dangerous as the infarct itself, it is also true that this condition is alert that something in our body is not working at all , and that is why we must give it the importance which requires.


The pre-infarction occurs, when the myocardium (heart muscle) is having problems in its correct functioning. When the myocardium fails, it is normal for blood not to reach the heart in the right way, a condition that often causes severe chest pain. Generally, these types of pains are often frequent and very acute, and just by detecting them, will be reason to visit our doctor immediately.

Symptoms of a pre-infarction

Let’s see below what are the most common and detectable symptoms of this condition:

-Severe pain in the muscles, back, arms, chest and parts of the face
-Want to vomit
-Tiredness and abnormal fatigue
-Excessive sweating

Frequently, people who have already suffered a pre-infarct, explain having felt previous to this, a strong oppression or discomfort in the chest.

Symptoms of a pre-infarction in women

In women, the symptoms of a pre- infarction are usually not so clear , but rather may be slightly associated with some other less serious condition, which causes delay in medical control, as well as treatment for the disease.

Women who have suffered a pre-infarction, say they have not felt any previous oppression or discomfort in the chest area, but if they show some annoying and unusual body sensations, such as anxiety, dizziness and frequent nausea.

How serious can a PRE-INFART become?

It is common for pre-infarcts to have uncommon characteristics among them; Usually the severity and consequences of the disease vary depending on the case. Beyond this, it is necessary to be alert to the symptoms that warn us about a possible heart failure , since these can refer either to a pre-infarction, to a common angina of the chest or to an unstable breast aniga, which usually Be much more dangerous than the first.

It is highly recommended to go to the doctor immediately if you are suffering from one or more of the symptoms mentioned above.

Treatment for a PRE-INFART

-Consumption of vasodilators: These function to relax the walls of blood vessels, so that blood pressure is regulated, and blood flows properly.

-Strict Diet: It will be necessary to completely change our diet, removing all kinds of processed and artificial foods from our eating habits, and incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to whole grains, fish and other healthy foods.

-Exercise: It will also be necessary to include some sessions of soft exercise routines, a couple of times a week. Walking or cycling are gentle activities that will help you a lot when it comes to improving blood circulation.

Do not forget:

Generally chest pain that occurs as a symptom of a pre-infarction, usually intensifies at the time of making some effort and disappear when we relax our muscles. In an INFARCTION, the pain will be constant always, whether or not we are in activity.

Pay close attention to the symptoms of a pre-infarction; Do not forget that a timely treatment can save your life.