Is there a danger if you eat raw eggs?

Eggs are among the most complete sources of protein, vitamins D and B, and zinc micronutrients. One of the many ways they are used in culinary is their raw consumption.

Whether it’s in mayonnaise, shakes, sauces or cocktails, raw eggs are often used, and even their consumption in this type is associated with some body benefits losing after heat treatment.

However, a deeper analysis of raw egg consumption shows that the disadvantages and potential risks can seriously outweigh the benefits.

The main danger of eating raw eggs comes from the risk of salmonella contamination. This risk is greatly reduced by heat treatment of eggs.

Along with the danger of serious bacterial infections, consumption of raw eggs is also associated with pure nutritional deficiencies. It turns out that in raw form many of the nutritional benefits of eggs are lost because our body can not absorb the beneficial substances.