What diseases can you get if you share your toothbrush with someone else?!

Have you ever share your toothbrush with someone? Such a habit is dangerous, because it can be a carrier of multiple infections. Toothbrush should not be shared with anyone, even with our closest, as otherwise there is a risk to get infected with any of the following infections ..
1. Gum disease

Considering that the toothbrush can “accommodate” bacteria such as streptococci, sharing it can cause development of gum disease. If you notice bleeding them or ulcers in the mouth, we should change your toothbrush.

2. herpes mouth

When brush our teeth with the brush of someone who is infected with herpes simplex virus, there is a big risk we also get infected. The reason is that the toothbrush is contaminated with harmful bacteria.

3. Hepatitis

In the data of a survey conducted in 2006 and published in the Journal of viral hepatitis, the researchers point out that hepatitis C can be transferred and when we share the same toothbrush, but the risk of infection is very high. Among the typical disease symptoms are loss of appetite, nausea and jaundice.

4. Mononucleosis

This is a highly infectious disease and can spread through saliva and blood. Symptoms include headache, nausea and high fever that is often confused with the temperature flu