Why we eat without being hungry- 3 REASONS

Hunger is often tied to a small extent with the real need for the body of food. It turns out that there is much more to do with some hidden signs and behaviors, we face without even realizing it. We present some of the biggest culprits that leave false sense of hunger.

1. Broadcast cooking

There may be a drawback when you turn the TV on prescription. The study found that people who cook with recipes from TV shows with five kilograms heavier than those who watch them, but do not cook very often.

2. Foods that have a red and orange

From a biological perspective, people tend to look at the different colored foods because they contain the most vitamins and minerals.

This instinct, however, works against us when placed around junk food such colors.

3. Other people eat near us

Often go out with friends for a beer for example, but when someone ordered food, ate, even though we are not hungry.

Specialists explain that we automatically copy the behavior of others. This remains true even in cases when they are on another table and do not know it.

Here we can ascribe little wine and social anxiety – trying to fit in with the situation.

Source: www.organicfoodlove.com