Elixir of Health: Cure for heart and skin, improves digestion

If you are looking for an effective natural remedy for digestion, heart problems, hair, skin or weight loss, you must add flax oil in your diet.

Flax is one of the oldest herbs in the world. It used to be used for making fabric, and today it is known as a cure for almost the whole organism.

Flax is a natural source of essential fatty acids, amino acids, protein fibers and many nutrients.

The lemons contain minerals such as calcium, selenium, iron, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Also rich in vitamins B, C and E.

Flaxseed oil can be used as a dietary supplement, for example with salads, or to consume one teaspoon each morning.

It is important to use only thermally unprocessed oil, since its exposure to high temperature loses its healing properties.

Flax oil stabilizes blood sugar, helps with weight loss, acts preventively in the event of a stroke, stabilizes the cells of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

It also prevents the appearance of atherosclerosis and prevents joint pain and arthritis.

If you have problems with bladder inflammation or problems with the formation of gallstones, edible oil can help you.

Flax acts on the complete digestive tract and metabolism and strengthens immunity.

Women who have painful periods or suffer from depression should consume flax regularly, and hair, skin and nails look healthier with the consumption of flaxseed oil.