Hidden benefits of Avocado Leaves

Are you aware about the health benefits avocado leaves have? We will talk about a couple of them below. But first of all let’s talk a little about avocado and it’s many health benefits.

Avocado is one of the many healthy fruits you can eat and are good for you – it is very rich in flavonols, quercetin, glycoside, polyphenols, estragole, alpha and beta pinene, cineol, limonene, serotonin and other compounds that are useful.

All of the substances above have incredible  benefits for the health that will help you defeat lot’s of diseases and you would wish you knew about them a long time ago.

Flavonoids, can protect the body from the degenerative disorders and stop the process of early aging .

The quercetin in avocado has a part like a powerful diuretic that will help you to urinate much better and remove the toxic materials you have in your body.

What are the avocados benefits?

These are some of the avocado’s health benefits:

  1. Relieves toothache pain;
  2. Reduce the pain in digestive problems;
  3. Relieves headaches pain;
  4. Fights the constipation;
  5. Eliminates the kidney stones;
  6. Eliminates forming of intestinal worms;
  7. Relieves menopausal pain and regulates menstruation timing;
  8. Tea of avocado leaves is great for reducing high blood pressure;
  9. The leaves are great for lowering cholesterol also;
  10. The fruit is a natural cure for urinary tract problems;
  11. Avocados are a cure for colds and the flu;
  12. The fruit is a natural cure for diabetes;
  13. Avocado leaves can be used against dyspepsia.

Benefits of avocado leaves

Besides the fruit, avocado leaves also can be a great source for remedy, leaves tea is also very beneficial for your health.

They can treat colds and diseases that happen seasonal, and also cure for stomachache, arthritis and kidney stones.

Avocado leaves tea has anti-inflammatory properties, diuretic, detoxifying, antibiotic and cleansing properties also. It can help you cure lot’s of other conditions and diseases.

Source: www.healthysolo.com