You Should Never Cut These Types of Pills in Half

Many people who use medications very often usually cut some of the pills in half in order to not have the full dosage. Some think for this as an option to be more healthy, some as a cheaper option, even tho it can be these sometimes, most of the time this can cause very dangerous side effects.

If you chop the pill in half this means that the full effects of the pill are not very efficient and some other effects might cause by this. Some of the side effects you will probably face if you do this even if it is very rear can be dizziness and nausea.

Before we tell you everything about this, let’s see the list of pills you should never ever cut:

  • Coated pills
  • Gel Caps (we think that one goes without saying!)
  • Extended release tablets (these will generally come with an ‘ECR’ label on the packaging)

Straight-forward enough for you? Well, we have to say that it’s a bit trickier than just taking those three into account, but, don’t worry, there’s a much simpler way to determine which pills can be safely cut.

Basically, if a pill comes “scored”—with a defined line down the middle—then it is almost always safe to cut in half.

Now, the ones that do not come scored are much riskier. The doc explains that, in these tablets, the active ingredient could just be “floating around” on either side. This means that, if you’re taking a sleeping pill, for instance, and don’t want the maximum effects, it’s probably not a great idea to split it in half if it isn’t scored.Of course, some pills are completely safe to cut, or were even made with splitting in mind. Nonetheless, it’s best to always consult your doctor or pharmacist first. It’s much safer than guessing, especially if you’re dealing with your more heavy-duty medications.

 To hear the doctor’s full scoop on pill splitting, be sure to click on the Rachael Ray Show’s video below. I know I’ll always think twice about cutting tablets from now on!