Why we should not reuse plastic bottles?

One of the most selfish things is to collect fluids in the plastic bottle. The easiest way is to buy a plastic bottle with water and then a few days to re-fill it with our tap water.

Cheap and practical solution. But many still do not know that filling water in a plastic bottle over and over again, can harm the body.

In addition, read a few things about it and remember them.

Bottles that emit toxic substances?

Plastic bottles can release toxic substances. Therefore, always watch the sign at the bottom of the bottle – a triangle with a number that indicates what type of plastic the bottle is made of.

Bottle indicated by “1” (PET or PETE) is safe, but only one use. Due to the presence of oxygen during the heat or sun exposure, such a bottle can cause toxic substances that fall into the water filled in it.

Avoid bottles marked “3” and “7” (PVC and PC), because they emit toxic substances entering the water, the longer their consumption causes dangerous diseases in the body.

For multiple use dial polyethylene bottles (marked with the numbers “2” and “4”) and polypropylene bottle (indicated by the number “5” and “PP”). They are relatively safe if you store them in cold water and disinfected properly.

Plastic bottles = favorable environment for bacteria

According to scientists, the plastic bottles we use more than once have almost the same number of bacteria as a toilet seat cover. The level of bacteria in such bottles often exceeds safety standards.

The conditions for the creation and development of bacteria we make ourselves when we reach for the bottle with dirty hands and wash it properly and keep it at room temperature with water in it.

What should I do?

Regularly wash the bottle with hot water, soap and vinegar.

Note the throat of the bottle

Even with the washing of the bottle, it could happen to get some poisoning or some other health problem.

The highest number of bacteria has the throat of the bottle, which is not always possible to properly remove impurities. Therefore, to protect use straw, rather than directly to drink from it.

Source: www.healthysolo.com