Why you should not use recycled toilet paper?

When you hear the word recycled automatically associate with eco-friendly. However, not all products that are recycled are useful and benefit to our health.

A typical example of such a product is recycled toilet paper. Researchers who conducted a scientific study published in “Environmental Science & Techology” shared all types of recycled products – toilet paper, napkins, paper towels contain chemicals Bisphenol A (BPA) and bisphenol S (BPS).

Both are found in products from recycled paper and both are particularly harmful to health.

Namely, thermal paper coated with Bisphenol A in order to prevent fading of the paper or the texture and colors. This process is especially used in the fiscal accounts in order for them to retain data on paper in a long time. Harmful substance Bisphenol A is also used in some newspapers, magazines, tickets, flyers etc.

When these types of paper will be recycled, harmful substance is retained in the new product, ie toilet paper or wipers.

The use of recycled toilet paper linked to endocrine disorders, the appearance of cancer, diabetes and heart problems, liver and thyroid.

Therefore, when it comes to something as sensitive as toilet paper, select quality virgin and hygienic product.

Source: www.healthysolo.com