When she pressed a hot spoon on her hand, we did not understand what was happening. When she put it out, then we realize how fabulous this trick is! You must try this!

It is almost the season for mosquitoes and their bites and this could not be more annoying.There is no way you can avoid them at summer because they are everywhere but we have a new trick for you today that can help you with this issue. Here’s how:

Get a spoon and put it under hot water for about 15 seconds to warm up..

…after that put the spoon right on the bite. You should hold it for about a minute or as long as it cooles down. The itching will disapear right after you take off the spoon of the bite.

This is working very well because of the protein that is causing the itching, and can be found in the saliva of the mosquito which is commonly uses to prevent the blood clotting when there are high temperatures.


Put an ice cube on the bite. Or put a couple of ice cubes in a cloth and put it as a coating on the bite, and then swelling and itching will disappear.


Clean the area with alcohol or using alcohol wipes. Soak a cotton swab with alcohol and gently rub the bite area. This should eliminate or neutralize the remnants of mosquito saliva.

Water and soap

Gently wash with soap and water immediately after the bite which should remove a large part of the mosquito saliva and help with the itching.


Put a little toothpaste on the bite and wait for it to dry. Put pasta in the evening, in order to be longer on the skin while you are sleeping. The paste dries the bite and removes the irritation and swelling.


Crush half a tablet of aspirin or any other painkiller, add a drop of water and place on the bite.

Lemon or lime

Citrus acid has certain properties, which help to eliminate the itching.


Apply a little honey on the bite. The honey will soothe the area and relieve irritation.


Soak a piece of cotton ball with vinegar and let stand for a few minutes to the bite.


Mix a little porridge with a little water and apply to the bite. Once it is dried, rinse with warm water.

Baking powder

The active ingredients in baking powder often help with irritation in insect bites.


Use your fingernail to press the area around the bite. Also, you can engrave X on the bite, which spreads protein and temporarily stops the itching. The pressure will ease the irritation.

The next time the mosquito bites you, try some of these tricks. In every situation you can apply at least some of these tricks. They will surely make the summer evening, beautiful and pleasant.

Source: www.cuisineandhealth.com