How To Put Coconut Oil In Your Hair To Stop It From Going Gray Early, Thinning Or Falling Out

Coconut oil is among the healthiest ingredients in the world. It has numerous healthy properties and can be used topically or internally. The oil is also the secret of the wonderful hair of Indian, Indonesian, Sri Lankan and Caribbean women. Here are some ways in which you can use coconut oil to improve the quality of your hair:

Repairs hair damage

Coconut oil improves your hair shafts while reducing protein loss. Apply it on the ends of your hair and cut your hair regularly to keep it smooth and healthy.

Gray hair

As we age, the follicles of our hair are less effective and the hair loses its natural color. To prevent gray hair, rub a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice on your scalp for 15 minutes before rinsing with water. Repeat the process 2-3 times a week to restore your natural hair color.

Makes your hair smooth

Brittle and dry hair shafts can cause fizzy hair, but coconut oil can resolve this problem as well. Just apply some of it on your hair 10-15 minutes before washing it, and apply some coconut oil on the hair ends as well in order to comb it easier.

Prevents hair loss

Fungal infections, nutritional deficiencies and inflammatory skin conditions can cause hair loss, but it can all be reversed with coconut oil. The oil can soothe the inflammation and defeat the infections – just mix 3 tablespoons of it with 2 tablespoons of sage oil and cook the mixture on low heat, then rub it on your head before going to bed. Now, put a shower cap on and leave the remedy to work overnight, then rinse with water in the morning.

Eliminates dandruff

Fungi, dry skin and some other factors are the main reasons for dandruff. If you want to eliminate it, you can rub some coconut oil on it in order to hydrate the scalp and defeat the infection. Just mix some castor oil and coconut oil in equal amounts, then rub it on your scalp and leave it to work for half an hour before rinsing with water. Repeat the process every time you wash your hair for best results.

Kills lice

Did you know that coconut oil can kill lice? It’s a great natural solution that can kill the pest naturally by suffocating them. Just apply it on your child’s head and leave it to work for a few days – for even better results, we suggest mixing it with tea tree oil.