Super Antibiotic That Destroys All The Kidney And Bladder Infections!

Bladder and Kidney infection these days are very common among people. We often reach for painkillers and medications to stop the infections from spreading but they don’t always work.We have a natural remedy and solution for this problem.

Here is the recipe for the natural antibiotic:


  • 250 gr. parsley root
  • 250 gr. honey
  • 250 gr. lemon peel
  • 2 dl olive oil

The Preparation:

First chop the parsley root and put it in a blender together with the lemon peels the olive oil and the honey. Mix it until it is completely dissolved. Store it in the fridge.


You need to consume one tablespoon of this remedy every morning.

Important Note:

The honey needs to be organic, purchased from some reliable beekeeper and make certain that the lemon is pesticides free. In case you bought your lemons in the supermarket, you should put them in water in which you have previously dissolved baking soda, so as to remove any pesticides and toxics. Also, you need to wash the parsley root before using it.

What else you can do to improve your bladder and kidney health?

Drink plenty of water

Even though this doesn’t sound as some special cure, you have to consume huge amount of liquids, and it is one of the best things you can do for your bladder. Beside the fact that it will help you remove the bacteria from your body, water can also help to urinate when you have the urge. You need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, or even more if you can.

Frequently go to the bathroom and do your physiological needs

Don’t hold your urine or postpone going to the toilet. Holding the urine is making the bacteria to multiply more quickly.

Consume parsley tea

Parsley has some diuretic components. Consuming parsley tea is going to refresh you and it will also speed up the healing process. Drink this tea in order to treat or stop the urinary infections. For the preparation of this tea you are going to need 2 tablespoons of dry parsley and 250 ml of water. Put the parley in the boiling water and leave it to stay for around 10 minutes.

Eat cucumber

This veggie is ideal for cleansing the bladder due to the water content it possesses. Cucumber will provide enough liquid and will help in getting rid of the bacteria.

Cranberry juice

Consume cranberry juice, and in case you have sensitive stomach you can consume cranberry tea as well.

Cranberry juice is very beneficial in preventing and treating the urinary tract infections. All you need to do is to drink 2 glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice every day.

Additional Tip:

You have to avoid caffeine and chocolate. These ingredients might help the bacteria to invade the urinary tract faster.