What Your Thumb Can Say About Your Personality!

Our bodies and our physical parts can reveal everything about the individual’s personality or characteristics. Most of the time, people are not much aware that they have certain personality traits. However, when they read about the connection between a certain body part and some personal traits, they instantaneously agree. For example, your thumb can say a lot about your character. Take a small look: When the first half of the thumb is longer than the second one..

Avoid to be pressured by anyone and speak what’s on your mind. Don’t overthinking and always trust your instincts.

Take a look at your thumb and your index finger. You should open it to 90 degrees if you can’t do that, it means that you are a shy person, but you are not showing it. You also like comfort.

The first half and the second half of the thumb have the same length..

If you can open the thumb and the index finger more than 90 degrees, you are an independent, self-confident and self-reliant individual. You are a doer and you want to get things done the right way.

You should be proud and always stick to the core of your values. Also, there are other body parts that can tell a lot about your character. For example, the lengths of the toes or ears shape.

Source: www.healthysolo.com