Try This Eye Exercise And It Helps Bring Your Vision Faster

Eye exercises are made to strengthen the eye muscle,the  eye movements, enhance your focusing, and stimulate the vision center of the brain. Even thought there are no scientific proof that eye exercise can help improve your eyesight, the exercises might help you to correct the existing eye problems that you have and will preserve the current eyesight level.

How to prepare for eye exercises:
  • before you try eye exercises, it’s a brilliant idea to get a professional eye exam done by your optometrist.
  • before you attempt eye exercises, you should ask your optometrist first if these exercises would benefit your eyes.
Keep in mind that these exercises are usually not effective for paralysis of an eye muscle or eye muscle spasms. Also, these exercises will not help people who have dyslexia, nearsightedness, or excessive blinking or squinting of the eyes.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have serious eye conditions like cataracts or a recovering cornea injury, you should avoid doing these exercises.
Moreover, there is no harm trying these eye exercises if you do not have any eye conditions that will be annoyed by prolonged use of your eyes.
Eye Exercise Instructions
In order to improve your vision, it is essential that you have a quiet and private space with good lightning.
  • Up and Down – Look up and focus on what you see. Look down and focus on what you see. Look up and down 5 times. Repeat this cycle 3 times.
  • Left and Right – Look to the left and focus on what you see. Then look right and focus on what you see. Move your eyes side to side 5 times. Repeat this cycle 3 times.
  • Diagonal Vision Exercise – Look straight ahead. Look down and to the left. Move your eyes diagonally and look up and to the right. Focus on what you see. Repeat this exercise 5 times, then look straight ahead and do the same exercise looking down and to the right and then look up and to the left. Repeat this cycle 3 times.
  • Up and Down Zig Zag – Look straight ahead and move your eyes in up and down in zig zag movements.
Get in a positive mood and don’t forget to smile – this can help you to reduce any tension you might be holding in your eyes. Keep smiling all the time while doing the following exercises.