The unknown cure for high blood sugar : one egg , a cup of vinegar and here’s what you need to do…

Millions of people in the whole world are affected by the disease called diabetes and it happens when the pancreas will stop to produce insulin or the body does not have the power to use it anymore.

Diabetes has lots of symptoms and the most common ones are frequent urination, thirst, sudden weight loss, itching in the genital parts, slow healing of cuts and wounds, fatigue and blurred vision. When time goes by the symptoms can become even worse and this can indicate a great danger to the health.

Lots of doctors and experts claim that the diabetes disease is the cause of many problems like kidney failure, nerve damage, poor vision, blindness and erectile dysfunction.

The usual treatment involves insulin shots which the patient takes for the remainder of his or hers life, but we’re going to show you a natural remedy which will regulate your blood sugar levels and help you treat the disease.

The remedy consists of apple cider vinegar and a boiled egg. Boil the egg in the evening and peel it, then put it in a bowl and pour a bit of ACV over it.

Leave the egg overnight, then eat it in the morning along with a glass of warm water. Eggs are one of the few real superfoods on Earth – they have a rich nutritional profile and contain essential nutrients our body requires on a daily basis.

They can reduce your appetite and boost your energy levels, and are the perfect choice for breakfast.

If you’re unfortunately suffering from diabetes, we suggest giving the remedy a try. It’s completely safe and very effective, so there’s no reason not to try it.