Wonderful Home Remedy To Restore The Tendons, Ligaments and Lubricate the Knees AS Before

Are you one of those people who sometimes suffer from pains in the knees, tendons, and ligaments? It is enough to waste more time and money on other types of treatments, which besides being very expensive, not all treatments are safe.

Well, today we will help you prepare some home remedies that will help you eliminate knee pains and restore tendons and ligaments quickly and if you are afraid of secondary consequences.

Do not worry the preparation of these remedies are very easy, you only need to gather the necessary ingredients and please do not invest extra ingredients at the time of preparation to avoid secondary damage.

Then we will leave you the steps that you must so that you can prepare correctly this home remedy based on natural ingredients. Do not think more, prepare today and you will be surprised with the results.


Ingredients needed:

–Honey (2 tablespoons)
–Ripe banana (1 unit)
-Orange juice (1 unit)
-Gelatin or gelatin (40 grams)

Preparation and use mode:

The first step is to extract the juice from the orange. Then, we will peel the banana and we will puree it. If we choose the banana at its perfect point of maturation, it will be better, because it is there when more nutrients are added. To make matters worse, the banana provides a lot of energy and is rich in protein and carbohydrates.

If we add to that the vitamin C of the orange, we will have the best remedy for the joints.

This rich cocktail should be taken at least twice a week. We can also prepare a rich pap and add honey.

Next, we will add the unflavored greeting that we will have dissolved in a little water. Afterwards, we will heat everything to the water bath to get a consistent substance. Apart, we will also heat the orange juice and then add the gelatin little by little so that no lumps are made.

Now, we will take an appropriate mold for it. First, we will pour the previous mixture of gelatin and orange. Afterwards, we will take it to the refrigerator and let it rest 15 or 20 minutes to set.

Then, remove the mold and put it on a plate. Finally, we will drop on top or on the side the banana puree and honey.

Source: www.organicfoodlove.com