X-Ray Shocks Doctors After Child Complain Of Agonizing Stomach Pain

Sometimes, even doctors can make a mistake which can cost someone`s life. This is exactly what happened with this 3-year-old boy. He was complaining about having stomach pain for a longer period and his parents decided to take him to the doctor.

However, the only thing the doctor did was prescribing him medications to relieve pain. As time went by, the boy didn`t feel better so the parents asked for further examinations.

They took him to Metro Hospital in Faridabad-India, where doctors did x-ray tests. The results were shocking! They found a battery, 29 magnets and a coin in the boy`s gut. Dr. Brahn Datt Pathak said that the boy needed an immediate surgery. The child had obviously swollen these objects while playing at home.

The surgery lasted 3 hours and all the objects were successfully removed from the boy`s gut. Luckily, the boy is not perfectly healthy. However, this is a warning for all parents to be careful with their kids and to make their playground safe in their homes.

Source: www.timeforhealthyfood.com